The Biggest Renovation You Should make before you Sell

When it comes to selling homes, all too often, people think they need to upgrade everything before they sell. However, there is actually one area that you can upgrade that will work miles in your favor when it comes to selling. It’s not the exterior, or the backyard, or even the basement.

It’s the kitchen, and here’s why.  It’s one of the biggest traffic places, and your customer will look at this. Whether you’ve decorated it with faux brick panels or just put a new paint job on it, renovating it will help to sell it.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking to sell.


The first, it’s to clean up the kitchen. You should work to get any and all tough stains out of there. If you see a stain that’s just not cooperating, work harder. Get bleach and whatever.  At that point, you can get the gunk off everything from faux brick walls, to even the countertops.  Making sure that this is clean is an essential part of your success with renovating a kitchen, and it’s what you should do first.


The second thing that you must accomplish is to get new hardware. Yes, this means new ovens, microwaves, stovetops, the whole nine yards.  You should ensure that you do have all of these worked out and squared away before you continue.  Making sure that you have pretty hardware can do you a whole lot of good. Seeing a place with the newest kitchen appliances does a number for a potential buyer, because this means that you don’t have to do the work. It’s that simple, and it’s why many people look at this when trying to sell a home.


The third and final thing, are the walls, ceilings, and the floor.  If you want to create a homey façade, some faux brick walls can do you much good, but if you want to just jazz it up a little bit and in a cheap manner, a coat of paint or even some new tiling will do wonders for you. By making sure that you do get this in, you’ll create the kitchen of your dreams, and one that not only functions well, but has a beautiful sort of texture to it as well.


Everything seems to lead to the kitchen, and this article showed you the benefits of a great kitchen, what that means for you, and you’ll soon start to see the difference that this does make in terms o the benefits that you get from this.  If your home has been stuck on the market and you’ve been tearing your hair out trying to sell it, look to the actual state of your kitchen, see if you can upgrade a few things, and do so accordingly.  Your kitchen and future seller will thank you for what you do, especially when your home finally is taken off the market and sold to someone else.



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